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Pura Panela

Pura Panela could be the lifestyle change you need! A way to keep your sweet tooth in a more natural way. 

Panela is a natural dehydrated juice from the sugar cane achieved through a completely rustic and artisan process – no fancy machines here. Panela is completely natural. No chemicals or additives added. Therefore it preserves all of the vitamins and minerals present in the sugar cane instead of getting rid of them through a mechanic centrifugal process like refined sugars do.

So, white sugar is even bleached to achieve that colour. White or refined sugar gives your body empty calories – rubbish! Whereas Panela, being natural, gives your body slower, released energy.

Panela is better for you, better for the producers, better for the environment.

Sugar Cane

Better for you.

Panela  is a natural source of • Energy • Calcium •  Magnesium  • Vitamins • Amino acid • Antioxidants.

Panela is handcrafted natural sugar cane juice dehydrated through an artisan process that retains nutrients and results in a delicious caramelesque flavour. 

Packed with goodness & flavour, Panela is ideal in coffee, cooking and baking. Use Panela instead of sugar and feel the difference!

Better for the

Panela is a sustainable product for the Colombian farming communities who produce it. Panela is one of the most traditional agricultural industries with over 350,000 families making their living with their ‘trapiches’ producing Panela. 

The majority are small, family owned business in rural communities.

We believe that the bigger the demand for Panela in the world, the bigger the positive impact for the producers in Colombia. 

Better for the

Pura Panela has a lower environmental footprint compared to refined sugar.

It is CO2 neutral: low thermal energy cost as the pressed and milled sugarcane (‘bagazo’) obtained in the processing of Panela is used for thermal energy in its production. Plus its water neutral as rainwater is used for the cultivation and production of Panela.

We use the sugar cane baggasse to make our new biodegradable packaging too. It is made from sugar cane and corn. 


Our Packaging is Biodegradable
Pura Panela