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It's not just sugar,
it's Panela

Pura Panela

So, what is

Panela has been Colombia’s sugar of choice for many generations.

Panela is handcrafted natural cane juice; dehydrated through an artisan process that retains nutrients and results in a delicious caramelesque flavour.

Packed with goodness and flavour, Panela can be used as a replacement for refined sugar. It is perfect in coffee and ideal for cooking and baking.

It’s not sugar, it’s Panela!

Natural source of energy, calcium and magnesium

Make the switch
to pura panela

Pura Panela is 100% pure, natural, unrefined and unbleached raw cane sugar
Pura Panela

*Use as normal sugar

100% biodegradable packaging made from sugar cane and corn.
Panela is crucial in the development of rural economies.  More than 350.000 families live from Panela production in Colombia.
Panela has an amazing TASTE.  It is perfect in coffee, cooking and baking.

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Panela Artisan Process

Pura Panela


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