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Panela for Baristas and industry innovators,

Panela is changing the way we consume sugar.

Panela Wholesale & bulk - 10KG.

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Pura Panela - 10kg.

Panela for baristas & Innovators.

Pura Panela sales and distribute Panela in bulk. We are aiming to transform the food industry encouraging the use of Panela instead of sugar.

Panela is natural dehydrated juice from the sugar cane achieved through a completely rustic and artisan process – no fancy machines here. Panela is completely natural. No chemicals or additives added. Therefore it preserves all of the vitamins and minerals present in the sugar cane instead of getting rid of them through a mechanic centrifugal process like refined sugars do.

Please contact our founder Natalia if you want to sell, distribute or use Panela instead of sugar in your industry or product and require other quantities or more information.

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