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Made by farmers in an artisan way.
100% natural Panela retains minerals and flavour.
Panela is the sugar of choice in Colombia.

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Pura Panela could be the lifestyle change you need! A way to keep your sweet tooth without doing so much damage. It is a natural dehydrated juice from the sugar cane achieved through a completely rustic and artisan process – no fancy machines here. Panela is completely natural. No chemicals or additives added. Therefore it preserves all of the vitamins and minerals present in the sugar cane instead of getting rid of them through a mechanic centrifugal process like refined sugars do.

So, white sugar is even bleached to achieve that colour. White or refined sugar gives your body empty calories – rubbish! Whereas Panela, being natural, gives your body slower, released energy.

BETTER for you, BETTER for them, BETTER for the environment…


It is a natural source of: • Energy • Trace minerals • Vitamins • Protein • Amino acids • Antioxidants

Potassium and magnesium neutralise excessive acidity. One of the main causes of tooth decay. Use Panela instead of sugar and feel the difference!

BETTER for you, BETTER for them, BETTER for the environment…


It is a sustainable product for the Colombian farming communities who produce it. Panela is one of the most traditional agricultural industries with over 300,000 families making their living with their ‘trapiches’ producing Panela. The majority are small, family owned business in rural communities. We are working towards direct trade relationships with these farming communities.

BETTER for you, BETTER for them, BETTER for the environment…


Pura Panela has a lower environmental footprint compared to refined sugar. It is CO2 neutral: low thermal energy cost as the pressed and milled sugarcane (‘bagazo’) obtained in the processing of Panela is used for thermal energy in its production. Plus its water neutral as rainwater is used for the cultivation and production of Panela.


About Us

Pura Panela distributes panela in the UK and developing healthy products using panela (of course!). We are a small business based in the heart of tropical Sheffield. No really it is…haven’t you been? It’s just like Colombia… Anyway, over the past year we have been selling our lovely, tasty sweet stuff in local shops and food festivals. We are currently working on a range of healthy panela-based products. You’re going to love them! But we can’t tell you about them just yet…


Pura Panela sells and distribute Panela in bulk connecting the producers to the consumers. We are aiming to transform the food industry encouraging the use of Panela instead of sugar.

Please contact our founder, Natalia, if you want to sell, distribute or use Panela instead of sugar in your industry or product.

If you are interested in sales or distribution of Panela in the United States, please see our partners at Nela at



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